Butt Naked Pamper Pack



Butt Naked Cactus Clay Face Mask - A powdered clay mask fully loaded with magical vitamins, A, C & K to help restore that youthful glow.

Bramble & Hedge Raspberry, Pomegranate, White Belgian Chocolate Honeycomb. A delicious crunchy honeycomb with Raspberry, Strawberry, Candied Jasmin Petals.

Butt Naked Rose Body Oil - A lightweight body oil that will hydrate, moisturise and brighten, leaving your skin super soft and bouncy. 90g

Hanami Dear Prudence Nail Polish - Nude blush pink nail polish. Free from the nasty chemicals that normal varnishes are made from. TEN FREE. Formula is also breathable, and water permeable - better for your nails and providing an even better manicure!

Butt Naked Himalayan + lavender salt scrub + bath soak - The goddess of ultimate serenity, the calm after the storm to help you relax, unwind and improve sleep after a legendary day at battle. 260g

The Gift Hamper Co. Premium gift box with magnetic closure.

The Gift Hamper Co. gift card with hand written gift message.