Chocolate Taster



* All chocolate products are gluten free * 

Fudge by Rich Chocolate fudge. A deliciously smooth and Rich chocolate fudge. This fudge melts in your mouth and its silky smooth in texture will leave you coming back for more. Contains Milk, butter, sugar, compound chocolate. (Gluten Free) 

Loco Love Almond Caramel Crunch Chewy almond butter caramel blended with crunchy tamari toasted almond pieces for that umami experience. Spiked with adaptogen ashwagandha. Topped with brilliant blue corn flowers for your visual pleasure. Touching all the senses with this delicious delight. (Gluten Free) *Please note flavour may vary*

Loco Love Peanut Butter Caramel An irresistible blend of vegan caramel and toasted peanut, spiked with beauty food Tremella mushroom. Infused with our own handmade peanut butter; it’s smooth and crunchy, not overly sweet, slightly salty. We couldn’t find a peanut butter on the market that didn’t have nasty additives like vegetable oil so we made our own. We’re resourceful like that. (Gluten Free) *Please note flavour may vary*


Bahen & Co. Orange + Hazelnut chocolate bar 70% Cacao (Gluten Free)  

Bizzarri Dolce Almond Buttercrunch. Thin and crisp chocolate with butterscotch and toasted almond flakes - broken into shards.  (Gluten Free)

The Gift Hamper Co. Premium gift box with magnetic closure.

The Gift Hamper Co. gift card with hand written gift message.