Self Love



Botanist Aromatherapy Self Love Perfume Essential Oil Roller - This beautiful glass roller contains a special blend of essential oils and energetically cleansed rose quartz crystal. 10mL

Botanist Aromatherapy Joyful Essential Oil Spray - Energy spray contains an uplifting blend of essential oils and is infused with energetically cleansed rose quartz. Use to cleanse or refresh your auric field or add some joyful energy to your space.

Addition Studio Bath Brew - Bath Brew is a giant tea bag for the bath, used as a remedial & relaxing bath soak. Steep in this tonic and enjoy the benefits. Milk Bath : With nourishing Goats Milk, raw organic Cacao butter & Lavender botanicals

Loco Love Peanut Butter Caramel Twin Pack - Infused with handmade peanut butter; itÕs smooth and crunchy, not overly sweet, slightly salty. Spiked with the super herb Lions Mane mushroom for neural nourishment.

Hanami Dear Prudence Nail Polish - Nude blush pink nail polish. Free from the nasty chemicals that normal varnishes are made from. TEN FREE. Formula is also breathable, and water permeable - better for your nails and providing an even better manicure!

The Gift Hamper Co. Premium gift box with magnetic closure.

The Gift Hamper Co. gift card with handwritten gift message.