Mini Moët



Cuvée Blanc de Caramel 42% Caramelised Chocolate (with Sea Salt) 70g. The tale of chocolate decadence meeting pure Australian milk - caramelised painstakingly by hand, creating a caramel ever so delicate and subtle. Paired with a hint of sea salt and you have the recipe to what we could only describe as effortless. Pairs with Champagne. 

CLINQ Copper stemless champagne flutes - Unique gifts for special occasions are hard to find – These copper champagne flutes make perfect keepsake gifts that give the blend of luxury and practicality you’ve been looking for. Imagine sipping bubbles from these chic flutes; they’re a gift to be treasured.  Not only are the stemless champagne flutes unique, but the rose-gold colour casts a wonderful glow, giving an elegant and sophisticated drinking experience.

Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne 200ml piccolo.

The Gift Hamper Co. Premium gift box with magnetic closure.

The Gift Hamper Co. gift card with handwritten gift message.